Super stripper: CRKT breaks new ground with the new Homefront Field Strip folder.

Author:Covert, Pat

Custom knifemaker Ken Onion is no stranger to innovation. He is considered the Godfather on the assisted opener which-along with Michael Walker's liner-lock-is considered one the most innovative cutlery designs ever. Onion is a prized collaborator in the Columbia River Knife & Tool stable and his latest "Field Strip" contribution, which allows a folding knife to easily be disassembled and reassembled in less than a minute, is nothing short of stellar.

The CRKT Homefront is the first of what should be many models to incorporate Onion's Field Strip design. To take the Homefront apart you simply move a lever on the folder's handle to the right and rotate a knurled cog on the base to separate it into three parts: the two frame slabs and the blade. The parts can be hosed down or swished in water to clean. To reassemble you simply reverse the operation. The knock on folding knives in dirty, wet, and grimy conditions is that mud and trash can get in between the frame and prevent the knife from opening and closing. Onion's Field Strip solves all that.

The Homefront is a handsome folder with retro touches hearkening back to military knives of old. The...

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