Sunga, Paul S. Red dust, red sky.

Author:Paldino, Lorie Johnson
Position:Brief article - Book review

SUNGA, Paul S. Red dust, red sky. Coteau. 289p. c2008. 978-1-5505037-0-8. $21.00. A

Koko is a young Indian girl coming of age in Lesotho, a small country just north of South Africa, during apartheid. Born to parents who were revolutionaries operating under the cover of the local university, she is raised never knowing her father, who disappeared before she was born: not his name, not his ethnicity, not a mention of him from her mother, not even a photo. Koko is raised in a cloud of secrecy and lies to protect her from the past and to secure her welfare in the future. The reader is told Koko is a simple girl who must be kept from schooling because of her limitations, yet because she is the narrator, the reader sees from her keen observation of the human spirit that she is complex and eager to piece together her ancestry. Koko searches relentlessly for the truth about her origins while struggling in the present to...

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