6:00 am - 7:00 am

Morning Yoga

Start the first full day of our 2020 Convention off on a relaxed note byjoining fellow attendees for a morning yoga class. This class will improve your strength, flexibility and concentration through breathing, transition and relaxation. All levels of experience are welcome! Yoga is complimentary to the first 40 fully registered Convention attendees to sign up.

7:00 am-8:15 am Prayer Breakfast

A non-denominational event, the Prayer Breakfast is a great way to start the day with music, reflection, inspirational speakers and food for both body and mind. Jump start the day of concurrent educational sessions, networking engagements and high-powered business meetings with a bit of reflection. The Prayer Breakfast is offered on a complimentary basis to the first 400 fully registered Convention attendees on a first-come, first-served basis (advance registration is requested).



Chairman, Planet Fitness and Managing Partner, Exaltare Capital Partners

Musical Guest: Chris Cepulis, Worship Ministries Director, Stafford Crossing Community Church in Fredericksburg, VA.

Thank you to our 2020 Prayer Breakfast sponsors:

James H. Amos, Jr., CFE; Mike Isakson, CFE & Jinny Isakson; Gail Johnson, CFE & Earl Johnson; Dr. Ben Litalien, CFE & Raeann Litalien; David McKinnon, CFE; Jim Olson; Dina Dwyer Owens, CFE & Mike Owens; Omar Simons; Todd Recknagel, CFE & Kristi Mailloux; Ken Walker, CFE & Vickie Walker; Graham Weihmiller, CFE; Welcomemat Services

Franchise Sales Intensive!

8:30 am-9:30 am

Fundamentals of Franchise Sales

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

An overview of franchise sales basics all rolled up into one 60-minute session that addresses "what" the answers are--then our other sessions tell you "how" to execute them. We'll feature an experienced moderator and one franchise development expert on each of the following:

* The Basic/Best Lead Gen Tactics--an overview of what works.

* Brokers--how to get started and how to stick with them.

* Digital--what it means and where to go.

* Discovery Days--how to run them and what they are.

* The Franchise Sales Person--what they do and how they close sales.

* Item 19 FPR as a sales tool.

9:45 am-11:45 am

Franchise Development/Sales Summit

Segment 1: Solving the 4 Biggest Lead Gen Obstacles for Emerging Brands

(This segment is most relevant to systems with 0 - 100 units)

Join this panel of fast-growth emerging franchisors and franchise sales experts as they identify and present solutions to the four most common growth hurdles faced by emerging brands. Panelists will share specific lead gen tactics as well as best practices to turn leads into sales. They'll challenge attendees to closely examine their current franchise sales strategies and processes, helping them expose potential flaws and providing specific steps to attract the right candidates and move them through the sales funnel more efficiently. Challenges to be addressed include limited brand recognition, competition from more established brands in the space, tight lead generation budgets, and prospects who drop out of the process due to fears of risk with an untested concept. Time has been allotted for attendees to pick panelists' brains in a rapid-fire question round at the end of the discussion.

Segment 2: At a Growth Standstill? How to Re-Ignite Your Franchise Sales

(This segment is most relevant to systems with 250+ units.)

Come prepared to problem-solve with some of the most successful high-growth mature brands in the franchise industry. This panel of forward-thinking, established franchisors will address the four most common barriers to continued system growth in an engaging problem/solution format. Each panelist will provide a differing approach to overcoming the top obstacles faced by mid-size and established brands, including lead flow/lead quality, market saturation, sales process flaws and brand perception. The solutions presented are applicable to any type of concept, across multiple segments. The session has been designed to carve out ample time for attendees to interact with the panelists about specific challenges they're facing in their own systems.

8:30 am-10:30 am

Intensive Summits

Elements of Successful Franchising

(This summit is relevant to all system sizes.)

This interactive session will focus on the trends in franchising and the impact they may have on franchise systems. We will review the major legal and business stories during 2019 that continue to shape franchising and look to what we think we will see in 2020. Areas of discussion will include:

* Threats and challenges for franchisors, franchisees, and the franchise model in general.

* Anticipating and addressing system change.

* Balancing business and legal considerations in operating a franchise system.

* Seven habits of highly successful franchise systems.

Financial Summit

(This summit is relevant to all system sizes.)

Managing Growth in Turbulent Times

Financial strategies will be shared to address barriers to growth, such as rising construction costs, tightening credit, inconsistent Tl allowances, stock market volatility, growing fear in 401k ROBS programs, COGS pressure, and increased labor costs. Learn how to prepare your brand's messaging for the lending marketplace so you are proactively--instead of reactively--addressing these issues.

Franchise Relations Summit

(This summit is relevant to all system sizes.)

Developed by the Franchise Relations Committee and the Franchisee Forum

Brilliant Collaboration: Franchisees and Franchisors Navigating the Future Together!

This year, the highly popular Franchise Relations Summit will tackle one of the most important issues in franchising today--how to use collaboration to flourish in uncertain times. In this highly interactive session, you will:

* Hear case studies of how established franchise networks have successfully navigated dramatic changes to their business models.

* Learn powerful psychological techniques for getting franchisee buy-in to important new initiatives.

* Participate in discussions on best practices for improving communication and engagement.

* Determine how to avoid common pitfalls when initiating change in a franchise...

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