Suggestions for Delta from an irascible frequent flyer.

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Airlines (and Delta in particular) can do small things to reduce the misery of economy class air travel such as:

1) Allow passengers who need extra help to board last, after able travelers are seated and those who need assistance can calmly stroll to their seats, without being trampled over by rushing passengers who are following behind. The same goes for deplaning: those who need extra help should disembark last, in order not to cause delays to other passengers who have to rush out to make connections.

2) Demand that those who are in charge of menus and who prepare meals served on board actually travel with the airlines served. Perhaps, after that experience, the food quality onboard will improve.

3) Set the onboard temperature to a comfortable 18-degree celsius (rather than those sub-freezing temperatures we endure now).

4) Finally, reduce the wait for a taxi at Delta's JFK terminal to a bearable 30 minutes (instead of today's 60 minutes).


January 17-19

Miami, U.S.

Tel: (310) 453-4440

Fax: (310) 453-5258

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Sundance Film Festival

January 19-29

Park City, U.S.

Tel: (310) 360-1981

Fax: (310) 360-1969

Discop Dubai

January 29-31

Dubai, UAE

Tel: (323) 782-1300

Berlin Film Festival

February 9-19

Berlin, Germany

Tel: (49 30) 25920-0

Fax: (49 30) 25920-299


March 14-16

Miami, U.S.

Tel: (377) 9330 2032

Fax: (377) 9330 2033


April 3-6

Cannes, France

Tel: (212) 370-7470

Fax: (212) 370-7471

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