Suggested Works

AuthorElizabeth Kelley
Below is a list of suggested works arranged according to chapter. These categories are
not airtight, and some resources may be used in other areas. In addition to exploring
the works cited in individual chapters, readers are encouraged to explore the articles
and books written by the various chapter authors. Following are the works which cor-
respond to various chapters and other works which deal with the criminal justice sys-
tem and mental disabilities, as well as works which deal with specific mental disabilities.
Competency to Stand Trial
Artha Gillis, Brian Holoyda, William J. Newman, Machelle D. Wilson & Glen Xiong,
Characteristics of Misdemeanants Treated for Competency Restoration, 44 J. A. A.
P & L. 442 (2016).
Lubna Grewal & Stephen Noffsinger, Retrospective Postconviction Competency to Stand
Trial Assessments, 44 J. A. A. P & L. 491 (2016).
Lauren Kois, James M. Wellbeloved-Stone, Preeti Chauhan & Janet I. Warren,
Combined Evaluations of Competency to Stand Trial and Mental State at the Time of the
Offense: An Overlooked Methodological Consideration? 41 L & H. B. 217
Sarah Smith, What Are We Going to Do about Tyler? P (Dec. 28, 2017).
Criminal Responsibility
Richard C. Geary & Kari-Beth Law, Conflicting Expert Witness Testimony in Insanity
Defense, 43 J. A. A. P & L. 511 (2015).
Neil W. Gowensmith, Stephanie N. Sessarego, Meaghan K. McKee, Samantha
Horkott, Nina Maclean & Katherine E. McCallum, Diagnostic Field Reliability in
Forensic Mental Health Evaluations, 29 P. A 692 (2017).
Iwona Kacperska, Janusz Heitzman, Tomasz Bak, Anna W. Lesko & Malgorzata
Opio, Reliability of Repeated Forensic Evaluations of Legal Sanity, 44 I’. J.L. &
P 24 (2016).
Mac McCllelland, When “Not Guilty” Is a Life Sentence,” N Y T M
(Sept. 27, 2017).
Edmond Howe, What Lawyers Should Know about Clients with Mental Disabilities,
available at april/what
lawyers should know about clients mental disabilities.html.
Janet Hinton, Developing Mitigating Evidence, available at
php. See links to Sentencing & Mitigation, Sentencing Enhancements, and Trials.
J W P, M D, V, F  D: M
  P  G (Rowman & Littlefield 2013).
Suggested Works

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