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Position:EVENTS: THE LATIN TRADE SYMPOSIUM - Conference notes

High-profile entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the continent met once again this year for the 2015 Latin Trade Symposium and 21st BRAVO Business Awards. The events took place on Oct. 29 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami.

The day's flurry of activity began at 7 o'clock in the morning with a working breakfast. It extended into a closed-door meeting of CEOs in which a select audience of presidents and top-level executives from leading companies in Latin America took part. The theme was "Innovation from Within: How to Develop Talent," and participants engaged in an animated exchange of ideas and opinions on the issue.

Some of the comments heard at the meeting were: "Innovation doesn't mean anything if it isn't linked to the business strategy," and "Innovation is a disruptive force, and we have to be careful because it affects every stage of the value chain. "There were also questions like: "How does one create that innovative disruption within an organization?" "How can we make the corporate culture evolve?"

One of the resounding conclusions was: It's essential to create a culture of tolerance for errors within the organization to encourage creative ideas.

The agenda continued with prestigious panels until the most eagerly awaited one of the day: Mexican Energy Reform. Mexican Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, who was later honored at the BRAVO Business Awards gala dinner as Transformational Leader of the Year, carried the meeting.

Interest in the forum was indicated by the number of...

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