Success story: NTH Consultants Ltd.

Position:Professional Development

At NTH Consultants Ltd. in Farmington Hills, professional development is a top priority. The infrastructure engineering and environmental services firm's Project Management Institute (PMI) is a multi-year, multi-faceted program that initially prepares new technical staffers for project management and then continually refreshes their client, planning, financial, technical, systems, writing and people skills throughout their careers.

The process begins as soon as an employee joins the firm, when he or she is assigned a "buddy" or mentor. The group leader in the employee's discipline initially assigns simple tasks in the field, at project sites, with hands-on practical exposure to engineering, environmental and construction materials issues. The group leader holds regular team meetings to monitor assignments, schedules and cross training, while privately reviewing, mentoring and monitoring the employee's progress.

Upon reaching professional level after about five years experience, the employee is nominated by a manager to become a Project Manager in Training and participate in the company's PMI, including the Project Management...

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