Subtle: aromatherapy for your home.

Author:Mojay, Gabriel

A romatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical and psychological well-being. It was identified as a form of complementary medicine in the 1920s. Yet the roots of Aromatherapy are ancient and form part of the fragrance traditions and classical systems of medicine of many world cultures.

Aromatherapy today is based on the use of pure, diluted essential oils. Essential oils are volatile (easily evaporated) substances that occur naturally aromatic plants.

An aromatic essence cannot be considered a true essential oil unless it has been produced through a process of either distillation or cold expression.

There are numerous ways that one can employ essential oils to fragrance a room, and take advantage of their ability to relax and clarify. Essential oil 'burners' are now commonly available in shops, and involve the vaporization of oils from heated water. Alternatively, one may float a few drops of essential oil on a saucer of water near a warm radiator.

Using essential oils to fragrance different parts of the home is an important tool in Feng Shui Aromatics, an approach to subtle environmental fragrancing. This is based not only on the study of the scientific properties of essential oils, but on their energetic actions according to traditional Oriental medicine. It involves working with essential oils in terms of their effects on the Chi, the Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements.

Fragrance itself has a deep impact on the Metal Element, the Element that encompasses the Lungs, the nose and the sense of smell, interestingly, the Metal Element is also the home of the Chi (vital energy) as well as the P'o (the 'bodily soul', or instinct). From this traditional Eastern perspective, it is therefore easy to understand how fragrance can have such a deep effect on both inner and outer levels. This effect can be used within the home in much the same way that one uses form, color, and space in Feng Shui.

Essential oil fragrancing according to the Pa Kua

The North is ruled by the Trigram K'an ('the Abysmal'), which represents the fathomless potential of Water. Strengthening this direction in the home enhances our capacity to progress on our life's journey, especially in terms of our career. Beneficial essential oils are those that help to deepen our connection with the mysterious spring of our own life force: such as cypress and geranium. In so doing, they help to enhance our resourcefulness, independence and ingenuity.


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