Substance misuse and the child welfare system: a rejoinder.

Author:Howard, Matthew O.
Position:REJOINDER - Brief article

Dorian E. Traube's (2012) thoughtful and wide-ranging editorial underscores the key role social work can and should play in improving the identification and treatment of substance-misusing recipients of child welfare services and their family members. There are many good reasons for social work to prioritize this service population vis-a-vis substance misuse prevention and treatment efforts. The child welfare service system is a critical context that may serve, in manifold invidious ways, to promote intergenerational transmission of substance-related problems. Effective substance misuse prevention and treatment services would improve the individual and fanny outcomes of those targeted for such services and might also reduce the intensity and costs of services delivered. That is, consistent with findings in other settings and with other service populations, substance abuse treatment might prove cost-effective or at least to have significant cost...

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