Study of information seeking behavior and library use pattern of researchers in the Banasthali University.

Author:Pareek, A.K.
Position:Banasthali University, Rajasthan, India - Report


In library and information science research is a substantial body of work addressing information-related behavior, including information needs, information seeking and use of information resources. (1&2) Today information plays a very important role in human kind's life and considered as basic resources. It also affects our personal and professional life Information needed by all to making decisions and required as other natural resources in their day to day activity.

Information is very important to every aspect of today's information society or human being. The process of information acquiring, using and implementing information are known as information seeking behavior. In the case of academicians, researchers and students it is even more important because they all need right and update information for their research need. Information seeking behavior is a broad term, it involves a set of actions that takes by individuals or groups to show their information need, seek information, check & select the information to fulfill their requirement or information needs. As Wilson describes Information seeking is a term describing the ways individuals seek, evaluate, select, and use information. In the course of seeking new information, the individual may interact with different people, analog tools, and computer-based information systems. (3)

The library is the most widely-used source of information available to literate societies. Librarians must be aware of the kind of information being sought and how it can be obtained. Because of the rapidly escalating cost of purchasing and archiving print journals and electronic media, the library has the duty to provide and maintain efficient services. (4)

Technological advancements and innovations have changed today libraries from store house to gateways of information. ICT has completely changed the scenario of traditional libraries and meaning of storage, preservation and dissemination.

Banasthali University: An Introduction

Banasthali University (Banasthali Vidyapith) was founded by Pandit Hiralal Shastri (First Chief Minister of Rajasthan) to organize programme of rural reconstruction on the lines laid down by Mahatma Gandhi, and to train social workers as named Jiwan Kutir. The name Banasthali Vidyapith was adopted in 1943. This also happened to be the year when undergraduate courses were first introduced. The institution was granted the status of a deemed university in 1983 by the University Grants Commission. (5)

Today Banasthali University is a unique, 'A' grade accredited by NAAC, fully residential women's university, which offers an integrated education system, extending from primary to Ph.D. level. Banasthali University known with great impact of premier institute for women's education. Today more than 300 certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes are running in Banasthali University. The present strength of the students at Banasthali University is about 12000.

Library System of Banasthali University

The library system of the Banasthali University comprise of central library and department libraries. The Banasthali University central library came into existence in 1935. Till 1939 the library procured 1700 books and a Reading Room for students. "Veerbala" a quarterly journal was also brought out for students to improve their creative ability and writing. The library collection grew to 5000 and 12,000 books in 1945 and 1955 respectively. (5)

Today it has a collection of more than 195000 including books (text and reference), bound periodicals, manuscripts, vedas, albums, atlas, slides, theses and dissertation, project reports, etc. Library subscribes 297 national journals, 102 international journals, 13 general magazines and 15 news papers. A Banasthali library system comprises separate libraries for their department apart from central library. The central library has total 7871 registered users. During 2009-10 and 2010-11 167515 and 188441 visitors visit the library respectly. Total 280796(2009-10) & 298248 (2010-11) check-in and check-outs have been made by the Banasthali University Central Library.

The library completely automated using Libsys system. The library has CD-ROM on many subject area and also available e-journals through UGC-INFONET consortia and institutional subscription based. Near 8000 scholarly e-journals made available to its users from all area of learning from world's major publishers. The Banasthali University system has digitized books collection where more than...

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