STUDENTS ARE SAYING... Quotes from Attendees of this Year's Transportation Academy.

AuthorVarkonyi, Irvin

Meg Hardtner--Chief, Domestic Freight Services, SDDC J3

I went to the Transportation Policy class, which was very interesting, and followed it up with LTL and Trucking updates. I went there to learn more about classifications. It was good because some of the issues we see at SDDC are shippers who fail to use the correct commodity codes when they're cutting their bills of lading and it seems we 're constantly having to get on them. I went there for more information to arm myself. I went there to learn more to be able to explain to the shippers what happens when they don't use the correct commodity code.

Shelton Metcalf--Senior Associate, Seacor Holdings

Seacor is a maritime carrier providing logistics for the military. I attended the Global Distribution Network and the TRANSCOM Acquisition sessions. They were very informative. The Transportation Acquisition was very tactical and helpful in navigating the bureaucracy of the different divisions of TRANSCOM. The Global Network session was strategic and forward looking. There were high quality speakers at both of the sessions. I will definitely return next year for Transportation Academy.

Christopher "CJ" Dabo--DOD Program Manager, Interstate Van Lines

I went to see Opportunities in the Era of Transformation. The speaker from CBB Transportation Engineers, Shawn Leight, had a lot of visual aids including videos. It was thought provoking on the technology taking place, innovations in technology and how it changed industry. The other session I attended was a threat brief from a cybersecurity perspective and the speaker did a fantastic job. Jeff Stutzman can scare people. NDTA has provided good classes on these cyber issues.

Paul Levine--Executive Director, National Motor Freight Traffic Association

I sat in on the Cybersecurity session presented by DOT Volpe Center. Our association was mentioned as participating in Cyber Security for trucking. We've contracted with Volpe to do work for the association. There was another Volpe session that discussed autonomous vehicles, but I think its going to be a while before you...

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