STRENGTH IN ETHICS: Cristina Antelo, Principal at Ferox Strategies, paves the way for Latino representation in politics.

Author:Luckow, Kaitlyn

ALTHOUGH her path to being a lobbyist wasn't always a straight path, Cristina Antelo always knew that she wanted to make a difference in the world of politics. Born and raised by Cuban parents in Dallas, Antelo grew up not always fitting in. From an early age, Antelo was taught to have a strong work ethic by her grandmother, a trait she accredits to her later success. After winning a scholarship, Antelo attended a private boarding school in Massachusetts where she fell in love with politics. From there, she attended Georgetown.

Although she had her sights on politics, an internship at Capitol Hill left her discouraged and uninspired, which led her to work on Wall Street. After several internships with JP Morgan, she ended up working at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Georgetown.

However, politics soon found their way back into Antelo's life-calling.

Antelo specifically remembers the day when everything changed for her. She was working on the trading floor in LA when the news story of Elian Gonzalez broke on the news. An FBI raid was occurring and federal agents took the young boy from his relative's arms to send him back to Cuba. "I saw the image of an FBI guy all dressed in combat gear, gun drawn, and this little six-year-old he was ripping out of the hands of his grandfather or his uncle ... And I remember thinking to myself, 'what am I doing?' I wasn't supposed to be looking up the price of a target, I was supposed to be involved in this conversation," Antelo said. "At that moment, it was crystal-clear that I was supposed to go back to politics."

With combining her skills and passions, Antelo turned her attention to the world of lobbying. After working for a lobby shop in DC for nearly ten years, she has now opened her own government relation shop: Ferox Strategies.

In her first year alone, she made $1 million in annualized revenue and has 10...

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