Streamlight expands battery recycling program.


Streamlight Inc., along with several of its U.S. distribution partners, recycled 16,508 pounds of rechargeable batteries in 2016, exceeding their 2015 recycling total by nearly 1,800 pounds. The recycled batteries were nickel cadmium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and small sealed lead acid batteries.

Streamlight and its distributors are partners of Call2Recycle Inc. The organization helps businesses and municipalities in the U.S. and Canada protect the environment through its battery and cell phone end-of-life management solutions.

"We're proud to continue to do our part in 'going green.' Streamlight and its participating dealers have joined thousands of U.S. businesses in serving as battery collection sites in a collective effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our communities," said Streamlight President...

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