Stratton, Allan. Chanda's wars, a novel.

Author:Hinton, KaaVonia
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

STRATTON, Allan. Chanda's wars, a novel. HarperCollins. 382p. c2008. 978-0-06-087262-5. $17.99. JS

If readers were not impressed by Chanda Kabelo's resilience and courage in the Michael L. Printz Honor Book Chanda's Secrets, they certainly will be while reading this sequel. After her mother surrenders to AIDS, Chanda takes on the responsibility of caring for her brother Soly and sister Iris. She has hopes of opening a Friendship Center in memory of her mother, but her relatives in Tiro--a fictitious country in Africa--have other ideas. They want Chanda to marry their neighbor's son and use her land in Bonang as a dowry that will help improve their own living conditions. Only recently reunited with her maternal grandparents and older sister, Chanda has no trouble objecting to such an arrangement. Before the matter is settled, war in a neighboring country comes to Tiro and directly infringes upon Chanda and her family's safety.

Stratton briefly summarizes the main conflict in the first book to illuminate some of the issues in this volume, which can stand alone. Chanda is a...

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