Strathern, Paul. Hemingway in 90 Minutes.

Author:Pucci, Anthony
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

STRATHERN, Paul. Hemingway in 90 minutes. (Great Writers in 90 Minutes.) Ivan R. Dee. 117p. bibliog. index. c2005. 1-56663-658-2. $8.95. SA

How much could you learn about Hemingway in 90 minutes? The answer is: more than you would expect. Strathern, author of the successful series Philosophers in 90 Minutes, has now turned his attention to authors. The major part of this thin volume is devoted to Hemingway's life and works. Strathern does an excellent job providing more than just the essentials. He offers concise and cogent commentary on every page, discussing Hemingway's penchant for "fibbing exaggeration, and self-mythologizing" with specific examples. He discusses the major works of Hemingway's canon, suggesting that Men Without Women contains some of "the finest short stories ever written--in English or any language." Conversely...

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