Stratex announces extension to nodal transmission system.

Position:New Products - Brief Article

Stratex Networks, Inc., a provider of wireless transmission solutions, has announced Eclipse Quattro, a new ultra-high capacity extension to the Eclipse nodal transmission system. Eclipse Quattro extends super-PDH capacities introduced in Stratex's Eclipse platform to provide up to 256 E1 circuits or 336 DS1 circuits, SDH/SONET transmission up to 4x155Mbps/622Mbps, and Fast and Gigabit Ethernet data transport. Eclipse Quattro is fully compatible with the Eclipse platform and the ProVision V element management system. Eclipse Quattro also introduced cross-polar interference cancellation (XPIC) to allow the same frequency to be re-used on a link, doubling the amount of carried traffic using a single frequency pair, to optimize the use of scarce frequency...

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