strategy + business.

Author:Ellet, Bill

strategy + business, Online Training, 2007, Booz Allen Hamilton, $0.

Booz Allen Hamilton, the global strategy and technology consulting firm, publishes strategy+business, a print magazine and website.

The website has a rich (and free) archive of articles, including many on leadership that are useful for training. "The Neuroscience of Leadership," for example, shows how recent research supports a leadership model that focuses people on solutions, not problems.

The strategy + business magazine is a quarterly. Although it's not free, the subscription price is low. The magazine isn't a vanity outlet for Booz Allen Hamilton consultants or a promotional vehicle for the firm. It's a serious business publication, with substantive articles and features such as book reviews. Much of its content finds it way into the website database.

The site has an alliance with the Wharton...

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