America's strategic opportunity with India: the new U.S.-India partnership.

Author:Cotter, Michael W.

The State Department chose the November-December 2007 issue of the "journal of record," Foreign Affairs, for a definitive statement by Under Secretary of State R. Nicholas Burns of U.S. policy toward India and its rationale. The statement offers a straightforward, and not surprisingly, very optimistic perspective on the bilateral relationship and its global importance. In line with the U.S. Administration's policy priorities, the article highlights the common challenges and opportunities facing the two countries: terrorism and organized crime, on the one hand; and trade, market-based economics, and promotion of democracy, on the other. It identifies the common interests of these two "large multiethnic, multi-religious democracies," summarizes the differences that kept them apart during the Cold War, and outlines the steps since President Bush took office in 2001 to overcome those differences and forge today's close, productive relationship.

The article highlights early a key, but usually downplayed, rationale for the new relationship, calling it: " ... a unique opportunity with real promise for the global balance of power." In this context, a good bit of the article explains and defends the decision to establish full civil nuclear cooperation with India in spite of its non-adherence...

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