A Stranger at Home.

Author:Sondhi, Alicia
Position:Children's review - Book review

Christy Jordan Fenton (author), Margaret Pokiak Fenton (author), Liz Amini-Holmes (illustrator); A STRANGER AT HOME; Annick Press (Children's: Juvenile Fiction) $21.95 ISBN: 9781554513628

Byline: Alicia Sondhi

Finding your place and maintaining your identity are core values in this lovely, simply written and utterly moving memoir. The sequel to the award-winning Fatty Legs, A Stranger at Home continues the story of Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, who again works with her daughter-in-law, Christy Jordon-Fenton, to tell her tale.

After being forced to adopt a new name, learn a new religion, and forget her culture and former life for two years at a residential Christian school, young Margaret is thrilled to return home. She is devastated, however, when instead of the warm welcome she was anticipating, her own mother doesn't recognize her. Margaret realizes that she has lost a whole part of herself while at school; she can't speak Invialuktun, her original language, she can't stomach the food she grew up on, and she can't connect with the very people and culture she was so eager to return to. Her struggle to retrieve what she once knew and reconcile who she has become is something she must overcome to ever find her place once again.

As Margaret begins to rejoin her old life, important recollections are told in poignant but never overly sentimental ways. A scene where Margaret attempts to get her family to pray before dinner shows how even her compassionate father cannot fully grasp the changes in his daughter. Her pain at trying to do what she has been taught to believe is the right thing at the school illustrates just how...

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