Strange times.

Author:Hrinya, Greg

Under normal circumstances, I would be packing my bags to hit the road numerous times in the upcoming months. The warm weather brings about any number of hallmark events in our industry, where we receive the latest and greatest product information. However, the current circumstances are anything but normal. Instead, I am left writing updates on event cancellations and issuing supplier statements on how their businesses are managing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. This disease has ravaged societies across the globe, leaving many of us housebound as we await the next steps.

At Rodman Media, the parent company of Label & Narrow Web, we are safely working from home, adhering to the mandate set forth by the Governor of New Jersey. However, for our industry, the reality is that very few people have that luxury. Labels and packaging require manufacturing, meaning people need to be in the facility operating a range of presses and ancillary equipment. Operators cannot run their presses from home. We are so appreciative for all those industry members heading into work every day in order to keep the supply chain moving.

The label and packaging world must not be forgotten during the spread of the coronavirus, either. Our industry is continuing to provide the materials necessary for the products flying off the shelves. Foods, pharmaceuticals, cleaning and sanitation products, and others lean on the label to inform consumers...

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