Stork prints wins gravure award for EcoSleeve concept.

Position:INDUSTRY News - Brief article

* The packaging industry came together on September 19-20 for the annual PGLA (Packaging & Label Gravure Association) meeting in Hiltons' Double Tree in Charlotte, NC, USA. This year's theme, The Rebirth of Gravure: Value in Process, Profiting from Potential, proved to stimulate engaging interaction and discussion throughout the conference.

The debut of "The Lion's Den" showcased new innovation where contestants were to present a product, service or approach that sets them apart in gravure. Judged by the "Lions," a panel of industry experts, contenders were confronted with some searching and challenging questions. The survivor and recipient of the "Lion's Den Pride's Share Award" was Stork Prints, for its EcoSleeve, an engravable nickel sleeve system.

Chuck Reese, president SGS International congratulated Stork Prints America's Managing Director Edward Scheppink and commented that this example of innovative thinking is representative of the many ideas that are being developed for the future of gravure. Scheppink says: "Winning this...

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