Stories in the Night.

Author:Snyder, Gary
Position::FOUR POEMS - Poem

Stories in the Night Yesterday I was working most of the day with a breakdown in the system. Generator 1, Generator 2, old phased-out Generator 3, the battery array, the big Trace inverter--solar panels-- they had all stopped--cold early morning in the dark-- back to the old days, kerosene lamp--candles--woodstoves always work-- the backup generator #3 Honda, cycles wrong? Tricking inverter relay that starts the bulk charge? Big Green Onan--fueled by propane--wouldn't start-- (one time turned out there was a clogged air cleaner; oil-drops blow back up from deep inside.) (I try to remember machinery can always be fixed--but be ready to give up the plans that were made for the day--go back to the manual--call up friends who know more--make some tea--relax with your tools and your problems, start enjoying the day.) First fifteen years we lived here, kerosene lamps. Heavy tile roof in the shade of a huge pro-contact black oak; Cheri, Siegfried's longtime woman friend and partner, is due at an), time with a 9-ton truck of 3/4-inch crushed rock. Wet dirt every winter eats up gravel. Keeping a few hard roads for drenching winter rains and melting snows takes planning. You have to ditch them too. In 1962 going all through Kyushu with Joanne, walked around Hiroshima. Busy streets and coffee shops, green leafy trees and gardens, a lively place. But at Mr. Aso, great caldera in the center of the island, crater thirty miles across, saw sightseers from Nagasaki with the twisted shiny scarred burn faces of survivors from those days. And then read Barefoot Gen. What got to me about the Bomb was too much power.. And then temptation there to...

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