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Author:Farmer, Lesley S.J.
Position::Brief Article

Tor. 331p. c2002. 0-785-30419-8. $14.95. A

This anthology of eight SF short stories represents Chiang's work since 1990. Chiang takes a philosophical approach to predictive situations: the breakdown of mathematical logic, the link between naming and existence, the transformation of time. Chiang also gives a new spin on the Babel story and the sufferings of Job. As an example, the last story recounts a college freshman's experience. Tamera has been raised with a "filter" that makes her unable to see or distinguish human physical beauty. She decides to turn off that filter, and finds that she is pretty--and notices other people's physical appearance as well. The college is thinking about requiring all students to turn on this filter just as Tamera has, which gives rise to a great controversy. Tamera thinks she can get back her boyfriend who broke up...

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