STORE #1000: Sun Holdings CEO, Guillermo Perales, celebrates the opening of his 1,000th location and shares his plans for his recent acquisition, Taco Bueno.

AuthorGonzalez, Luis E.

Sun Holdings CEO, Guillermo Perales is one entrepreneur that has hit the ground running. Born and raised in Mexico City. Alumnus from Tecnologico de Monterrey. Perales moved to the US having recently graduated and began to work for Maseca, corn flour and tortilla manufacturer. Throughout his time at Maseca Perales began looking to the other side of the business. Since Maseca sold directly to restaurant chains, Perales was able to catch a glimpse of the ins and outs of the franchise business. To begin his venture into franchise, Perales managed to convince Golden Corral to give him the Mexico market. Mexico then experienced a downfall in the economy and politics, and Perales decided to move his business to Dallas. After settling in Dallas and with five Golden Corral permissions, he dived into serious work. In 1997, he opened his first Golden Corral restaurant. Burger King and Popeyes came after. In the following years, his franchise business began growing exponentially.

But it takes a certain something and someone to understand how the franchise business works. For Perales, he had to understand the economic asset for each of the brands. "Knowing that information gives you the opportunity to demand," says Perales. "Knowing the numbers and having someone who is supervising, working within the brand and who is dedicated to the brand." When it comes to selecting his next brand, Perales takes it slow. He has a certain way of thinking when it's time to decide. "You have to have a brand that you know is successful or is going to be successful." He recalls how everyone once raved about Popeyes and their food, and for the past 20 years, Popeyes has always been a restaurant that has...

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