Stop and start.

Author:Sweatt, Lydia
Position:Positive psychology - Use of Google Maps to find out exact location

Around our office, I have a reputation for being relentlessly positive.

I'm not completely sure why, but it might have something to do with my reaction to less-than-favorable news. Whatever the reason, people always think of me as very easygoing, but I've had my share of negative thoughts to conquer.

When I started working at SUCCESS, I found myself participating in one of the most infuriating daily tasks known to man: long-distance commuting. I drove a tedious route from South Dallas to Plano, Texas, a minimum of 60 miles round trip, which usually meant spending up to three hours in my car each day. But instead of moving closer to work as soon as I took the job, I chose to make this journey for eight long months--and it tested everything I knew about being mentally tough.

And oh boy, did I feel the rage. I felt my heart stop cold at the same time every morning as the disappointment of a traffic jam triggered anxious thoughts. I cringed with every sudden brake that stopped my bumper inches from a wreck. I learned that Google Maps did not always have my best interest at heart, and I probably internalized everything just a little too much.

But by the time I finally reached work and swung open the front doors of SUCCESS headquarters, none of that...

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