Stoney Point Steady Stix II.

Author:Barnes, Glenn

Shooting isn't just a sport nor is it simply a hobby. Many gunners, myself included, view firearms as an important part of our everyday lifestyle. I'm not particularly a gadget freak, but I do spend more money than I probably should on the latest shooting accessories designed to make my way of life more accurate, easier, and enjoyable. Sometimes these "doodads" and "thingamajigs" pan out and really help, but more often than not they are simply a waste of hard earned money that could be spent elsewhere.

Recently I was surfing through Stoney Point's Website and found a dandy item that not only panned out but was also economical the Steady Stix II. Shooting sticks are not a recent invention; in fact they were in use by knowledgeable hunters long before Billy Dixon ever waylaid his first buffalo using his trusty Sharps rifle. Stoney Point simply refined and modernized the concept.

The Steady Stix II weigh in at a feathery 6 ounces and when...

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