Stolarz, Laurie Faria. Red Is for Remembrance.

Author:Squicciarini, Stephanie
Position:Children's Review - Book Review

STOLARZ, Laurie Faria. Red is for remembrance. Llewellyn. 320p. c2005. 0-7387-0760-0. $8.95. JS

Stacey has been trying to live again after her boyfriend Jacob is presumed dead after a tragic accident. But life is not the same without her soul mate, and starting over at a college that mysteriously offered her a full scholarship is proving even more difficult than she anticipated. The horrifying nightmares that have, in the past, foretold danger and death have begun again. And while Stacey has been able to save some people by reading her dreams in time, she was unable to save Jacob. This time Stacey is not alone in the confusion and desperation created by the pull and power of dreams. Porsha, the college president's daughter, is also having nightmares, and somehow Stacey and Porsha are connected. Using the magic passed down by her grandmother, Stacey helps Porsha unlock the mystery of her dreams.

Part of a series featuring Stacey that began with Blue is for Nightmares, this book stands firmly on its own and will surely entice readers who enjoy suspenseful reads or those involving Wicca or the supernatural to seek out the rest of Stacey's...

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