Stolarz, Laurie Fara. Deadly little secret.

Author:Cole, Aimee
Position::Brief article - Book review

STOLARZ, Laurie Fara. Deadly little secret. Hyperion. 288p. c2008.978-1-4231-1144-3. $15.99. JS

It all begins with a near-death accident. A mysterious boy saves Camelia from an out-of-control car in the school parking lot, and then speeds off on his motorcycle before she can thank him. She is left wondering who he is. Her friends think she's overreacting, or that she needs a boyfriend, or that she should forget him. But when Ben Carter starts school in the fall, she's interested in him. Best friend Kimmie may think that she should go back to her ex-boyfriend and good friend Matt, but Camelia can't shake the feeling that Ben is special, even if he was with his girlfriend the night she died. Scattered throughout the story are what seem to be journal entries of a boy...

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