Stipulation could mean less discipline for Oshkosh attorney.


Byline: Erika Strebel,

An Oshkosh attorney and the Office of Lawyer Regulation have reached an agreement that could mean she might get a shorter license suspension.

The agreement stems from a complaint the OLR filed this year against Melinda Alfredson of Oshkosh-based Clausen Law. The agency charged her with breaking six attorney-ethics rules while handling two divorce cases.

In the complaint, the OLR asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to suspend Alfredson's license for 4 months.

In a response filed in June, Alfredson admitted to three of the six counts of the misconduct the OLR alleged she had committed and asking the court to take disciplinary steps that are less strict than the suspension the OLR is seeking.

However, in a stipulation she reached with the OLR that was filed Oct. 12, Alfredson withdrew her answer and admitted to all of the facts and misconduct alleged in the complaint. The parties agreed to modify three of the alleged rule violations.

According to the stipulation, Alfredson wants the court and referee to know that, from June 2016 to mid-2017, she had family and medicaltroubles that affected her ability to practice.

Also in the stipulation, the OLR wrote that it...

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