Stillman, Larry. A match Made in Hell: The Jewish Boy and the Polish Outlaw Who Defied the Nazis.

Author:Boyd, John E.
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

STILLMAN, Larry. A match made in hell; the Jewish boy and the Polish out/aw who defied the Nazis. Univ. of Wisconsin Press. 242p. bibliog, c2003.0-299-19394-2. $19.95. JSA

There is always room on the library shelf for another informative book about the Holocaust, and this one certainly fits the bill. It is the story of a Jewish teenager, Moishe Goldner, and his struggle to survive in Poland during WW II. Some fans of the true life adventure genre may view it primarily as an exciting war story, while others will see it as a first-person account of the atrocities committed against Jews and how they heroically resisted. The tale easily falls into the "hard to put down" category; the few R-rated words add to the realism.

The story begins in 1943 with flashbacks to the beginning of the war and some to the pre-war period. In the opening scene, an almost-dead Moishe is rescued by Jan Kopec, a notorious criminal feared by both the Poles and the Germans. When Moishe was again healthy, he and Jan embarked on a number of dangerous missions for the partisans. In many of those undertakings, Moishe was the one risking his life. One time he...

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