Still wired: a look at workforce innovation in the past year.

Author:Little, Daniel

The Southeast Michigan WIRED Partnership got its program to help transform the region's economy off the ground after the first of the year, following approval of our action plan by the program's funding source, the U.S. Department of Labor, in December. The Detroit Regional Chamber staffs and convenes the partnership. Our plan funds initiatives in three areas intended to help spark economic transformation in the region: Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development based on promoting Innovation. We are pleased to report that a number of the initiatives we are helping fund are up and running and beginning to produce results. Progress to date includes:

* In March, the Michigan Opportunities and Resources for Entrepreneurs (MORE) Program held a unique career fair and series of business roundtables at the University of Michigan Engineering School. The event was aimed at small local tech firms and gave them an opportunity to recruit U of M Engineering students and connect to faculty working on cutting edge research.

* We co-sponsored a survey of the 2007 graduates of Michigan's public universities to determine where they are living and why they made the location decision that they did. This information is being used to inform initiatives designed to keep our top talent here.

* A state-wide internship program is being developed to help connect college students to employment opportunities in Michigan before students decide to leave the State. The...

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