Stevenson, Robin. A thousand shades of blue.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief article - Book review

STEVENSON, Robin. A thousand shades of blue. Orca. 231p. c2008. 978-1-55143-921-1. $12.95. S

An unhappy family is the stuff of story. Here said unhappy family is on a sailboat, claustrophobically together for months. The narrator is the 16-year-old daughter Rachel, angry, confused; her 12-year-old brother Tim is along, but the parents have left the oldest sibling Emma back in Canada, in a home for developmentally disabled adults. This is one reason for Rachel's fury. The father works with adolescents but seems to have no ability to connect to his own teenage children. His idea to force family togetherness through this yearlong voyage doesn't seem to be working. When Rachel and Tim inadvertently discover their mother's affair with a family friend, their confusion just grows. Rachel starts...

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