Steps for new managers.

Author:Buck, J.T.
Position:Professional Development
  1. Gain a clear understanding of the organization's priorities and process. Meet with your boss and gather as much information as possible. Ask for her or his expectations. Learn the vision and direction of the organization, the key goals in the strategic plan, read the annual report. Seek out the relationships of your group with other groups. Work to understand the workflow.

  2. Improve on the foundation of good works. Some new leaders take their new role and start shaking things up right away. Instead, do some assessing of what is going well, what problem areas exist and what is broken in your new work area. Build on the good work that is already going on. Meet each of your team members and ask for input on what's working and what would improve workflow or customer satisfaction.

  3. Find and focus on your own priorities. Choose three to six key focus areas that should get some attention every day or every week. These should support the overriding direction of the organization. They should be your activity guides until they are accomplished or you feel it is time for a change. Some may be bolder strokes and create some change or improvement. Some may be fostering stability in solid performance areas for the group.

  4. Learn to delegate. Tasks, projects and to-do items can pile up very quickly for a new leader. Figure out which group members would be best at different tasks. Pass the tasks on with clear direction as to when they need to be completed, any characteristics important to...

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