Steinbach, Hans. A Midnight Opera.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

STEINBACH, Hans. A midnight opera. Tokyopop. illus, c2005. 1-598-16265-9. $9.99. JS

Einblick DeLaLun, the main character of A Midnight Opera, spends his nights playing guitar in a heavy metal band and his days sleeping in a rented space in the hospital morgue. Ein, you see, is undead. He hasn't spoken to his brother, Leroux, in 150 years, ever since they fought about a woman (what else?). After over a century Ein has fallen in love again, and he wants to leave Paris to start a new life. Unfortunately, his high profile job (goth-metal god) has brought some unwelcome attention. The Order, which appears to be the Catholic Church's Hit Squad, wants Ein dead; and his brother, Leroux, wants Ein to join in the war against them.

A Midnight Opera reminded me of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, except that the undead are werewolves rather than vampires. Ein wears a top hat and spouts song lyrics about how hard his life is, so teens should love him. The art is dark, atmospheric and surreal--the characters twist and contort their bodies in impossible ways, especially...

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