Steele, Ken & Berman, Claire. The day the voices stopped; a memoir of madness and hope.

Author:Allison, Susan G.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Perseus Basic Books. 258p. c2001. 0-465-08227-0. $14.00 SA

The dictionary defines schizophrenia as "a psychotic disorder characterized by withdrawal from reality, delusions, hallucinations, and disintegration of the personality." But what does it really mean to be a schizophrenic? This moving, first-hand account was written for the layperson by Ken Steele, who suffered from schizophrenia for 32 years. He describes his initial diagnosis at age 14, the subsequent withdrawal of support by his family, the nature of the voices continually prodding him to take his own life, his life on the streets, his experiences with the "revolving doors" of our mental health system, his personal haven in books and libraries, and his struggle with medication until "the day the voices stopped," when he was finally stabilized on Risperdal, one of the new generation of drugs called atypical anti-psychotic medications.

Ken, a "survivor,"...

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