States reduce prison spending.

Author:Gormsen, Lia
Position:Brief article

At least 23 states have cut funding for prisons this year, according to a survey by the nonpartisan Vera Institute of Justice. reported on the survey, which found six states--Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska and Washington--cut funding for corrections by more than 10 percent from last year's levels. Kansas" budget was decreased the most at 22 percent less than last year (though it substituted federal stimulus money and ended up with only an 8 percent overall decrease).

According to the survey, states are saving money by reducing prison operational budgets, including by laying off workers, freezing wages and cutting services to inmates. States are also exploring ways to reduce recidivism and achieve long-term savings; in some states, this involves easing sanctions for those who break the conditions of their parole. States such as Colorado and Oregon are allowing more prisoners to reduce their sentences through...

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