States and cities clamp down on Al.

Artificial intelligenceor AIhas become a crucial tool for sorting applicants for open positions. For example, an employer hiring remote workers may find more applicants than ever because geographic proximity to the employer is no longer relevant. Employers, therefore, must find a way to winnow down the (virtual) piles of applications. Enter AI systems that also promise to screen without discriminating.

But not everyone is a fan. AI criticism includes claims that AI may build into their algorithms subtle forms of bias that adversely impact protected class subgroups instead of preventing discrimination. Think women, older applicants and persons of color. The concern is so great that state and local authorities are already passing laws or considering legislation that limits AI use. These include:

* Illinois: Effective this year, employers who rely solely on AI to review video interviews must report demographic data on those selected and rejected to the state for analysis.

* New York City: By January 1, 2023, the New York Department of Worker Protection (DCWP) expects to have rules in place to regulate AI used to make employment decisions...

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