A Statement on the Assassination of Marielle Franco Presente from students of Africology 344: Global Black Social Movements at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (April 16, 2018) Department of Africology.

On March 14th, Marielle Franco and Anderson Pedro Gomes were executed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The murder of Marielle Franco; a Black councilwoman, an activist against police violence and self-identified bisexual community leader, was a huge loss for African descendants throughout the African Diaspora. Since the abolition of slavery, Black people have mobilized within the structures of the state to guarantee civil rights- especially the right to life and dignity. While citizens of Brazil are being systematically murdered by stereotypes of criminality based on their skin color, it is reminiscent of police violence here in the United States. Social justice movements that fight against the structures of racism are crucial. Public policy also needs to address the genocide of Black people in Brazil and the United States for any improvements to be sustained.

The assassination of Marielle Franco represents more than just racial inequalities in Brazil; it also represents the struggle of Black people all over the world, specifically for those of us who live in Milwaukee, one of the most segregated cities in the United States. Marielle Franco's case is a mirror of our struggle. Black people in Milwaukee are more likely to live in poverty or be incarcerated. Wisconsin has the highest rate of Black unemployment of any state and is the second highest for racial...

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