State Bar News, 1021 UTBJ, Vol. 34, No. 5. 59

PositionVol. 34 5 Pg. 59

State Bar News

Vol. 34 No. 5 Pg. 59

Utah Bar Journal

October, 2021

September 2021

Commission Highlights

The Utah State Bar Board of Commissioners received the following reports and took the actions indicated during the July 28, 2021 Commission Meeting held at the Summer Convention in Sun Valley, Idaho.

1. 5th Division. Voted to have Katie Woods continue as the 5th Division Representative for the next year.

2. Judicial Council. Voted to have Margaret Plane replace Rob Rice as the Judicial Council Bar representative.


Courts' Innovation Committee. Voted to establish a tradition of the past-president sitting on the Executive Committee and a Bar Commissioner or a person of the Commission's choosing sitting on the main Innovation Committee.

4. Repeal of Rule 14-209. Voted to recommend repeal of Rule 14-209 to the Utah Supreme Court.

5. Utah State Elected Official and Judicial Compensation Commission. Voted to keep Sam Alba on the commission.

6. Executive Committee. Voted to have Heather Thuet, Heather Farnsworth, Katie Woods, Chrystal Mancuso-Smith, Mark Morris, Marty Moore, and Shawn Newell comprise the Bar Commission's Executive Committee.

7. Bank Signatures. Voted to give authority to Executive Committee members to sign checks over $1000.

8. Recognition of Service. Recognized Tom Seiler, Mark Pugsley, Heather Farnsworth, and Richard Dihhlee for their service.

9. Introductions. Introduced new Bar Commissioners Greg Hoole (3rd) and Tyler Young (4th). Also introduced Elizabeth Wright as new Executive Director and Nancy Sylvester as new General Counsel.

10. Minutes. Approved the June 4, 2021 Commission meeting minutes by consent.

The minute text of this and other meetings of the Bar Commission are available at the office of the Executive Director.

Utah State Bar Names New President, Commissioners, Executive Director, and General Counsel

The Utah Supreme Court swore in a new president and commissioners of the Utah State Bar at its Summer Convention in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Heather Thuet, a shareholder in the firm Christensen & Jensen, is the Bar's new president. Greg Hoole and Tyler Young were elected Commissioners from the Bar's Third and Fourth Divisions, respectively. Commission members serve three-year terms, while presidents serve for one year.

The Bar also welcomed Elizabeth Wright as the new Executive Director and Nancy Sylvester as the new General Counsel.

Notice of Petition for Reinstatement to the Utah State Bar by John Mark Edwards

Pursuant to Rule 11-591(d), Rules of Discipline, Disability, and Sanctions, the Office of Professional Conduct hereby publishes notice of the Petition for Reinstatement (Petition) filed by John Mark Edwards, in In the Matter of the Discipline of John Mark Edwards, Third Judicial District Court, Civil No. 180903193. Any individuals wishing to oppose or concur with the Petition are requested to do so within twenty-eight days of the date of this publication by filing notice with the District Court.

Ethics Issue?

Any member of the Bar in good standing or other person with a significant interest in obtaining an advisory opinion on legal ethics can submit a request in writing to the Utah State Bar Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee. Request shall include a brief description of the facts, a concise statement of the issues presented, and reference to relevant Rules of Professional Conduct, ethics opinions, judicial decisions, and statutes.

To request an opinion, email Committee Chair John Snow at:

Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Utah State Bar and Utah Legal Services wish to thank these volunteers for accepting a pro bono case or helping at a free legal clinic during April and May. To volunteer, call the Utah State Bar Access to Justice Department at (801) 297-7049.

Family Justice Center

Steven Averett

Jim Backman

Paige Benjamin

Chuck Carlston

Dave Duncan

Michael Harrison

Brandon Merrill

Sandi Ness

Linda E Smith

Babata Sonnenberg

Nancy Van Slooten

Rachel Whipple

Cristina Wood

Private Guardian ad Litem

Bryce Froerer

Nadine Hansen

Allison Librett

Orson West

Pro Se Debt Collection Calendar

Hilary Adkins

Geena Arata

Mark Baer

Pamela Beatse

Anna Christiansen

Ted Cundick

Jeff Daybell

Blake Faulkner

John Francis

Leslie Francis

Greg Gunn

Aro Han

Jarom Harrison

Britten Hepworth

Nathan Jackson

Zach Lindley

Lauren Maker

Amy McDonald

Chase Nielsen

Christopher Sanders

George Sutton

Natalie White

*Special thanks to Kirton

McConkie and Parsons

Behle & Latimer for their

efforts on the Pro Se Debt

Collection Calendar.

Pro Se Family Law Calendar

Camille Buhman Brent Chipman

Kim Hansen

Danielle Hawkes

Robin Kirkham

Virginia Sudbury

Diana Telfer

Orson West

Pro Se Immediate Occupancy Calendar

Pamela Beatse

Daniel Boyer

Jeff Daybell

Marcus Degen

Leslie Francis

Aro Han

Brent Huff

Keil Myers

Matthew Nepute (3rd-Year Practice Intern)

Lauren Scholnick

SUBA Talk to a Lawyer Legal Clinic

K. Jake Graff

Jenny Jones

Maureen Minson

Aaron Randall Lewis Reece

Robert Winsor

Timpanogos Legal Center

Geidy Achecar

McKenzie Armstrong

Byron Baron

Dave Duncan

Utah Legal Services Pro Bono Case

Amirali Barker

Brian Burn

Victoria Cramer

Carolina Duvanced

Katie Ellis

Adam Forsyth

Aaron Garrett

Jonathan Good

M. Darin Hammond

Ryan James

Jenni Jones

Megan Kelly Sybor

Orlando Luna

Malone Molgard

Andres Morelli

Keli R Myers

Brian J. Porter

Katrina Redd

Lillian Meredith Reedy

Jaime Richards

Jacolby Roemer

Madison Roemer

Jason Schow


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