State Bar News, 1016 UTBJ, Vol. 29 No. 5. 44


State Bar News

Vol. 29 No. 5 Pg. 44

Utah Bar Journal

October, 2016

          September, 2016

         Commission Highlights

         The Utah State Bar Board of Commissioners received the following reports and took the actions indicated during the July 6, 2016 Commission Meeting held at the Summer Convention in San Diego, California. 1. The Bar Commissioners voted to approve 2016-2017 budget.

2. The Bar Commissioners voted to give $10,000 to Utah Dispute Resolution.

3. The Bar Commissioners voted to elect Angelina Tsu as the Utah State Bar ABA delegate.

4. The Bar Commissioners voted to create an ex officio commission seat for the LGBT and Allied Lawyers of Utah.

5. The Bar Commissioners appointed the following ex officio members for the 2016–2017 year: the Immediate Past Bar President; the Bar’s Representatives to the ABA House of Delegates; the Bar’s YLD Representative to the ABA House of Delegates; Utah’s ABA Members’ Representative to the ABA House of Delegates; the Utah Minority Bar Association Representative; the Women Lawyers of Utah Representative; the LGBT and Allied Lawyers of Utah Representative; the Paralegal Division Representative; the J. Reuben Clark Law School Dean; the S.J. Quinney College of Law Dean; and the Young Lawyers Division Representative.

6. The Bar Commissioners voted to appoint Rob Rice, John Lund, H. Dickson Burton, Heather Farnsworth, and Michelle Mumford as members of the Executive Committee. Angelina Tsu will sit on the Committee as Past President.

7. The Bar Commissioners voted to approve members of the Executive Committee to serve as signatories on the Bar’s checking accounts.

8. The Minutes of the May 13, 2016 Commission Meeting were approved by consent.

9. The Young Lawyers Division bylaws were approved by consent.

         The minute text of this and other meetings of the Bar Commission are available at the office of the Executive Director.

         2016 Fall Forum Awards

         The Board of Bar Commissioners is seeking nominations for the 2016 Fall Forum Awards. These awards have a long history of honoring publicly those whose professionalism, public service and personal dedication have significantly enhanced the administration of justice, the delivery of legal services, and the building up of the profession. Your award nominations must be submitted in writing to Christy Abad, Executive Secretary, 645 South 200 East, Suite 310, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 or by Friday, October 14, 2016. The award categories include: 1. Distinguished Community Member Award

2. Professionalism Award

3. Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award

         View a list of past award recipients at: bar-operations/history-of-utah-state-bar-award-recipients/.

         Pro Bono Honor Roll

         2nd District ORS Calendar

         Jake Cowdin

         Lauren Schultz

         3rd District ORS Calendar

         Joshua Cannon

         A.J. Green

         Kristine M. Larsen

         Gregory Osborne

         Katherine Priest

         Rick Rose

         Maria E. Windham

         Robert Wing


         David Blaisdell

         Chase Kimball

         Bankruptcy Case

         Kenneth McCabe

         Todd Tyler

         Community Legal Clinic

         Skyler Anderson

         Jonny Benson

         Marlene F. Gonzalez

         Todd Jenson

         Jacob Kent

         Carlos Navarro

         Leonor Perretta

         Brian Pitt

         Francisco Roman

         Brian Rothschild

         Paul Simmons

         Mike Studebaker

         Ian Wang

         Russell Yauney

         Debt Collection Calendar

         David P. Billings

         Mark Burns

         Chris Burt

         Brian Rothschild

         Zach Shields

         Charles A. Stormont

         Reed Stringham

         Steven Tingey

         Spencer Topham

         Debtor’s Legal Clinic

         Robert Falck

         Tyler Needham

         Brian Rothschild

         Paul Simmons

         Tami Gadd Willardson

         Ian Wang

         Expungement Case

         Jeremy Shimada

         Expungement Legal Clinic

         Kate Conyers

         Joshua Egan

         Stephanie Miya

         Amy Powers

         Bill Scarber

         Family Law Case

         McKette Allred

         Justin Bond

         Greg Hadley

         Adam Hansley

         Thomas King

         Jenny Lee

         Kenneth McCabe

         Kayla Quam

         Family Law Clinic

         Justin T. Ashworth

         Brent Chipman

         Zal Dez

         Lori Nelson

         Trent Nelson

         Stewart Ralphs

         Jeff Richards

         Linda F. Smith

         Simon So

         Sheri Throop

         Guardianship Case

         Stephanie O’Brien

         Jessica Tyler

         Guardianship Signature Project

         Kathie Brown Roberts

         Steven A Christensen

         Laura Gray

         Elizabeth Lisonbee

         Kenneth McCabe

         Homeless Youth Legal Clinic

         Frank Brunson

         Janell Bryan

         Kate Conyers

         Kent Cottam

         Amy Fowler

         Skye Lazaro

         Nicole Lowe

         Andrea Martinez-Griffin

         Sharon McCully

         Rachel Otto

         Laja Thompson

         Medical-Legal Clinic

         Stephanie Miya

         Micah Vorwaller

         PGAL Case

         David Burceau

         Jill Coil

         Allison Librett

         Cassie Medura

         Michael Studebaker

         Post Conviction Case

         Peter Strand

         Protective Order Case

         Nikki Frampton

         Rainbow Law Clinic

         Jess Couser

         Russell Evans

         Stewart Ralphs

         Chris Wharton

         Senior Center Legal Clinics

         Kyle Barrick

         Sharon Bertelsen

         Kent Collins

         Phillip S. Ferguson

         Richard Fox

         Michael A. Jensen

         Jay Kessler

         Terrell R. Lee

         Joyce Maughan

         Stanley D. Neeleman

         Kristie Parker

         Jane Semmel

         Jeannine Timothy

         Street Law Clinic

         Nathan Bracken

         Dara Cohen

         Kate Conyers

         Brett Coombs

         Matt Harrison

         Brett Hastings

         John Macfarlane

         Clayton Preece

         Elliot Scruggs

         J. Craig Smith

         Kristen Sweeney

         Jonathan Thorne

         Aaron Worthen

         Tuesday Night Bar

         James Ahlstrom

         Jared Allebest

         Mike Anderson

         Joan Andrews

         Ryan Beckstrom

         Melinda Hill Birrell

         Mike Black

         Jon Bletzacker

         Niels Bybee

         Josh Chandler

         Kate Conyers

         Rita Cornish

         Joshua Figueira

         Steve Glauser

         Will Harnish

         Carlyle Harris

         Katie James

         Craig Jenson

         Mason Kjar

         Jordan Lee

         Sean Mosman

         Benjamin Onofrio

         P. Bruce Radger

         Jessica Rancie

         Leslie Rinaldi

         Walt Romney

         Ron Russell

         LaShel Shaw

         Jeremy Stewart

         Diana Telfer

         Jeff Tuttle

         Ben Welch

         Rachel Wertheimer


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