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State Bar News

Vol. 31 No. 5 Pg. 61

Utah Bar Journal

October, 2018

September, 2018

Utah Court of Appeals Notice of Policy Change

Effective September 1, 2018

The Utah Court of Appeals is instituting a new policy in an effort to streamline the briefing process in criminal appeals and reduce the resources spent by both the parties and the court in handling multiple requests for extensions for briefing. Rule 26, which sets out the briefing schedule, is suspended under the new policy for appeals in criminal cases. The briefing schedule will be set by a briefing order issued after the record on appeal is filed. Both parties will have ninety days to file their principal briefs. Reply briefs will be due in forty-five days. Because of the substantially enlarged briefing periods under this policy, no extensions will be granted for any reason.

Motions of whatever sort will not stay the briefing schedule, even pending the resolution of the motion. This includes motions to supplement the record. Motions to supplement the record must be filed within the first thirty days of a party's briefing period. This is intended to assure a complete record in a timely fashion for the purpose of completing briefing. Additionally, if the motion to supplement is not a stipulated motion, the moving party must certify that an attempt was made to resolve the record issue before the motion was filed.

The Utah Bar Foundation is pleased to welcome Robert L. Jeffs to the Board of Directors

Robert Jeffs joins the Utah Bar Foundation Board to replace outgoing and long-time member, Adam Caldwell.

Robert Jeffs is a Shareholder with the firm Jeffs & Jeffs located in Provo, Utah. In addition to his busy law practice, Rob served as a Fourth Division Bar Commissioner from 2002-2009 and as the Utah State Bar President from 2010-2011. Rob received his law degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU.

Robert aspired to become a lawyer from an early age while running errands, cleaning offices, and otherwise making himself a nuisance in the law office of his father and uncle. His father, M. Dayle Jeffs, has instilled in Robert a love for the law, a respect for the judicial system, and a commitment to serve his clients as well as the profession. Robert and his wife, Tracy, enjoy their four children and three grandchildren, spending as much time with them as the children will tolerate. Robert is easily distracted by running, biking, and fishing, while mostly frustrated by golf.

Robert will bring vast community knowledge and involvement to the Board of the Utah Bar Foundation. Please join us in welcoming him.

Bar Thank You

Many attorneys volunteered their time to grade essay answers from the July 2018 Bar exam. The Bar greatly appreciates the contribution made by these individuals. A sincere thank you goes to the following:

Paul G. Amann

Rachel Anderson

Kenneth C. Ashton

P. Bruce Badger

Matt Ballard

J. Ray Barrios

Hon. Brent H. Bartholomew

Blake Bauman

Wayne Z. Bennett

David P. Billings

Melinda Birrell

Matthew M. Boley

Sara E. Bouley

Matthew S. Brahana

Katherine Bushman

Elizabeth Butler

Elisabeth Calvert

Gary L. Chrystler

Kim S. Colton

Katia Conrad

Nicholas Cutler

Adam Dayton

John J. Diamond

Monica Diaz

Abigail Dizon-Maughan

L. Mark Ferre

Melissa Flores

Andrea J. Garland

Michael Garrett

Steve Geary

E. Barney Gesas

Sarah Goldberg

Tony F. Graf

Michele Halstenrud

David P. Hirschi

Emily D. Holt

Randy S. Hunter

William Jennings

Casey Jewkes

Craig Johnson

Michael Karras

David Knowles

Tanya Lewis

Gregory E. Lindley

Amy Livingston

Michael S. Lowe

Nathan Lyon

Colleen K. Magee

Milo Steven Marsden

Ryan D. Marsh

Jonathan Miller

Lewis Miller

Alexis Nelson

Jason C. Nelson

Steven Newton

Kara H. North

Kristen Overton

Kerry Owens

Michael Palumbo

Wells Parker

Jonathon Parry

Fred Peña

Justin Pendleton

R. Josh Player

Mitchell Rickey

Keven M. Rowe

Ira Rubinfeld

Scott R. Sabey

Leslie Slaugh

James Smith

Scarlet Smith

James Sorenson

Marissa Sowards

Ryan P.C. Stack

Michael Stahler

Michael Swensen

Lana Taylor Mark Thornton

Paul Tonks

Letitia J. Toombs

Axel Trumbo

Trevor Vincent

James F. Wood

J. Adam Wright

John Zidow

2018 Utah State Bar Summer Convention

Adoption Case

Tamara Rasch

Bankruptcy Case

Nelson Abbott

Andrew Kolter

Jason Richards

Michael Roche

Kristin Woods

Cache County Bar Night

Shawn Bailey

Brandon Baxter

Ashley Bown

Chris Daines

Chris Guymon

Ryan Holdaway

Steve Jewell

Peter Johnson

Marty Moore

Diane Pitcher

Community Legal Clinic: Ogden

Skyler Anderson

Jonny Benson

Travis Marker

Chad McKay

Francisco Roman

Gary Wilkinson

Community Legal Clinic: Salt Lake City

Jonny Benson

Matthew Cloward

Mel Moeinvaziri

Kate Sundwall

Brian Tanner

Ian Wang


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