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State Bar News

Vol. 31 No. 2 Pg. 46

Utah Bar Journal

April, 2018

March, 2018

Commission Highlights

The Utah State Bar Board of Commissioners received the following reports and took the actions indicated during the January 12, 2018 Commission Meeting held at the Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City. 1. The Bar Commission voted to nominate Herm Olsen to run for Bar President-elect.

2. The Bar Commission voted to select Ellen Maycock to receive the Dorathy S. Merrill Brothers Award.

3. The Bar Commission voted to select Hon. Augustus G. Chin to receive the Raymond S. Uno Award.

4. The Bar Commission voted to approve the charge to the Access to Justice Coordinating Committee; to appoint Retired Justice Christine Durham as a Co-Chair of the Committee; and provisionally appoint Amy Sorenson as a Co-Chair.

5. The Bar Commission voted to appoint Judge Eve Furse as the 2019 Summer Convention Co-Chair.

6. The Bar Commission voted to appoint Josh Player as NLTP Committee Vice-Chair.

7. The Bar Commission voted to approve LicensedLawyer marketing plan and expenditure.

8. The Minutes of the December 8, 2017 Commission Meeting were approved by consent.

9. The Bar Commission approved the creation of the Entertainment Law Section.

The minute text of this and other meetings of the Bar Commission are available at the office of the Executive Director.

Notice of Legislative Rebate

Bar policies provide that lawyers may receive a rebate of the proportion of their annual Bar license fee which has been expended during the fiscal year for lobbying and any legislative-related expenses by notifying Executive Director John C. Baldwin, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 or at

The amount which was expended on lobbying and legislative-related expenses in the preceding fiscal year was 1.67% of the mandatory license fees. Your rebate would total: Active Status – $7.09; Active – Admitted Under 3 Years Status – $4.17; Inactive with Services Status – $2.50; and Inactive with No Services Status – $1.75.

Notice of Petition for Reinstatement to the Utah State Bar by David B. Oliver

Pursuant to Rule 14-525(d), Rules of Lawyer Discipline and Disability, the Utah State Bar’s Office of Professional Conduct hereby publishes notice that David B. Oliver has filed an application for reinstatement in In the Matter of the Discipline of David B. Oliver, Third Judicial District Court, Civil No. 070909858. Any individuals wishing to oppose or concur with the application are requested to do so within thirty days of the date of this publication by filing notice with the District Court.

Mandatory Online Licensing

The annual online licensing renewal process will begin June 4, 2018, at which time you will receive an email outlining renewal instructions. This email will be sent to your email address of record. Utah Supreme Court Rule 14-507 requires lawyers to provide their current e-mail address to the Bar. If you need to update your email address of record, please contact

Renewing your license online is simple and efficient, taking only about five minutes. With the online system you will be able to verify and update your unique licensure information, join sections and specialty bars, answer a few questions, and pay all fees.

No separate licensing form will be sent in the mail. You will be asked to certify that you are the licensee identified in this renewal system. Therefore, this process should only be completed by the individual licensee, not by a secretary, office manager, or other representative. Upon completion of the renewal process, you will receive a licensing confirmation email. If you do not receive the confirmation email in a timely manner, please contact

License renewal and fees are due July 1 and will be late August 1. If renewal is not complete and payment received by September 1, your license will be suspended.

Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Utah State Bar and Utah Legal Services wish to thank these volunteers for accepting a pro bono case or helping at a free legal clinic in October and November of 2017. To volunteer call the Utah State Bar Access to Justice Department at (801) 297-7049 or go to to fill out a volunteer survey.

Adoption Case

Allison Belnap

Todd Emerson

Kenneth McCabe

Bankruptcy Case

David Cook

Will Morrison

Bountiful Landlord Tenant/ Debt Collection Calendar

Kirk Heaton

Brooke White

Jordan White

Cache County Bar Night

Kenneth Allsop

Tony Baird

Paul Gosnell

Suzanne Marychild

Marty Moore

Herm Olsen

Ted Stokes

Community Legal Clinic: Ogden

Jonny Benson

Chad McKay

Francisco Roman

Mike Studebaker

Gary Wilkinson

Community Legal Clinic: Salt Lake City

Jonny Benson

Dan Black

Kendall Moriarty–RBMN

Women Lawyers Group

Bryan Pitt

Brian Rothschild

Paul Simmons

Mark Williams

Russell Yauney

Community Legal Clinic: Sugarhouse

Skyler Anderson

Brent Chipman

Sue Crismon

Paul King

Lynn McMurray

Mel Moeinvaziri

Brian Rothschild

Contract Case

Robert Froerer

Debt Collection Pro Se Calendar – Matheson

Matthew Ballard

Michael Barnhill

James Bergstedt

Laura Biber

Christopher Bond

Jackie Buchard

Cedar Cosner

Jesse Davis

T. Rick Davis

Chase Dowden

Michael Eixenberger

Mark Emmett

David Jaffa

Parker Jensen

Alexis Jones

Katrina Judge

Janise Macanas

Caitlin Montague

Karra Porter

Brian Rothschild

Fran Wikstrom

Debtor’s Legal Clinic

Tony Grover

Rex Huang

Ellen Ostrow

Brian Rothschild

Paul Simmons

Ian Wang

Tami Gadd-Willardson

Expungement Law Clinic

Stephanie Miya

Bill Scarber

Family Justice Center

Jim Backman

Chuck Carlston

Elaine Cochran

Thomas Gilchrist

Michael Harrison

Joni McDougal

Andrea Pace


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