State Bar Issues Consumer Alert for Covina Attorney, 072417 CABJ, CBJ - July 2017 #04

State Bar issues consumer alert for Covina attorney

No. 2017 #04

California Bar Journal

July 24, 2017

The State Bar of California announced today that a Covina attorney has been charged with taking more than $230,000 from multiple clients, issuing bad checks to clients, breaching his fiduciary duty and failing to respond to the resulting disciplinary investigation.

The State Bar recently posted a consumer alert on Jeffrey Anthony Miller's profile page. If found culpable of the charges, Miller, 53, [bar #144120], would be subject to discipline for professional misconduct by the California Supreme Court, up to and including disbarment.

According to the notice of disciplinary charges filed by the State Bar's Office of Chief Trial Counsel June 30, Miller is accused of: • Misappropriating $140,894.84 from the sale of a property to which his clients were heirs.

• Misappropriating $67,800 he was supposed to hold in trust on behalf of investors in a diamond purchasing transaction.

• Misappropriating $25,000 he was supposed to hold in trust on behalf of an investor in a diamond purchasing transaction.

• Committing an additional act of moral turpitude by issuing nine checks to clients when...

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