State Bar Court Puts Former Contra Costa County District Attorney on Interim Suspension, 072817 CABJ, CBJ - July 2017 #05

State Bar Court puts former Contra Costa County District Attorney on interim suspension

No. 2017 #05

California Bar Journal

July 28, 2017

The State Bar Court of California has put former Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson on interim suspension following a conviction for perjury. The State Bar initiated proceedings to determine what, if any, additional discipline is warranted, up to and including disbarment.

Peterson [bar #111961] pleaded no contest to perjury on June 14, 2017 for filing a false Campaign Disclosure Statement. He was placed on probation and agreed to resign from elected office.

In its July 26 order, the State Bar Court exercised its authority to issue an interim suspension, which means that...

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