State Abortion Bans Are Getting More Extreme.

AuthorThomhave, Kalena

In just the first few months of 2019, a number of states have passed sweeping restrictions on abortion. Most of these laws are currently being challenged or will likely soon be challenged. Each is in addition

to a slew of other restrictions enacted by that state's legislature. Here's a rundown:

MISSISSIPPI: The state's heartbeat ban was signed into law in March and is set to take effect in July. It will join waiting periods, mandatory counseling, and "targeted regulation of abortion provider" laws, which place limits on providers and clinics themselves, often forcing clinics to close. There is now just one abortion clinic operating in Mississippi.

KENTUCKY: The Bluegrass State's heartbeat ban is currently stayed by a federal court. This year, Kentucky enacted a "trigger ban" to automatically outlaw abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Kentucky also attempted to ban abortion based on race, sex, or disability, but like the six-week ban, this law was also...

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