Author:Sofield, David

Staging (Ovarian) Cancer. In no time, pre-op meds: a sweet amnesia drip, and one that means to keep nausea at bay ... your IV cocktail almost done, you're under Anesthesia's spell. One waits, imagining the cut as neat as metered lines, and then the careful good look round. Just what will be exposed? Blest normalcy? A tumor that the ultrasound, making close darkness visible, or that a blood test has not found? One waits. As afternoon wears on, your surgeon comes, in scrubs: it all went well, nothing suspicious seen, you're groggy yet with sleep. She'll call the lab tomorrow, expedite what seems to be a routine case-- they'll section this and that and that, then you'll be fully staged. Now space and time contract, imploding quite the green room where they'd taken you-- that operating theater in which director, cast, and crew had finished up the...

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