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Position:Romuald L. Tassigne - Biography - Interview

Name: Romuald L. Tassigne

Title: Research Associate, Center for Employment and Economic Weil-Being (CEEWB)

Time at APHSA: I started working at APHSA in March of this year.

Life Before APHSA: Prior to joining the organization, I was working at DePaul University in Chicago as a Research Assistant while pursuing my Master in Public Administration. With my appreciation of APHSA's mission to advance the wellbeing of all people, I was eager to join the organization.

What I Can Do For Our Members: Through the strategic leadership of Tracy Wareing Evans, APHSA is, at its core, a human-centered, values-oriented, and solution-driven organization. My contribution incorporates three layers: policy advocacy, research innovation, and public engagement. From a policy perspective, I am interested in identifying credible pathways and policies that address issues of employment, child well-being, and youth empowerment. My research expertise also would be instrumental to our members as I will be able to provide them with data-driven solutions and recommendations to the myriad of problems that we are trying to address. Last, public engagement is one of my strengths; I enjoy interacting with other people to learn more about them and develop some form of bonding. This allows me to create a bridge and grow...

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