Staff Members And Activists Promote The Separation Of Church And State.

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Members of the Americans United staff and chapter activists have kept busy promoting the separation of church and state. Here's some news about recent activities:

Rachel K. Laser, Americans United's new executive director, hit the ground running with a whirlwind of activity. On Feb. 21, Laser was featured in a Washington Post article announcing her appointment to lead Americans United.

The article, which was reprinted in several other newspapers, referred to Americans United as "one of the country's most prominent advocacy groups pushing to protect the boundaries between religion and government" and quoted Laser several times.

"We need to awaken that awareness, we need to awaken the notion that religious liberty undergirds the separation of church and state," Laser told Michelle Boorstein, a Post religion reporter. "The two can not only coexist but are tied at the waist."

The following day, Laser appeared on a podcast sponsored by Politico, discussing how distorted definitions of "religious freedom" are affecting Americans' health care. She also appeared on "The Attitude with Arne Arneson" on WNHN radio in Concord, N.H., and was profiled by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. She was also interviewed for a profile in Congressional Quarterly.

Laser's appointment was also picked up by The Christian Post and several blogs, including Hemant Mehta's "Friendly Atheist" and Ed Brayton's "Dispatches from the Culture Wars."

Laser also penned an op-ed that appeared in the Shreveport Times in Louisiana. Americans United has filed a lawsuit to stop the unconstitutional promotion of religion in Bossier Parish public schools, and in the column, Laser explained why the case was filed.

"To honor our core American values and respect the deeply personal and sacred nature of our religious beliefs, we must ensure that faith is taught in our houses of worship and by parents--not in our public schools," Laser wrote. "It's the right thing to do to protect our students and religious freedom, and it's what our Constitution requires."

In other news:

AU Senior Litigation Counsel Eric Rothschild did several media interviews recently about the Bossier Parish school prayer case. Among them were interviews with KSLA-TV, Shreveport's CBS affiliate, KEEL-AM radio and the Shreveport Times.

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