Stableford, Brian. The Omega expedition.

AuthorArmstrong, Ginger
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Tor. 544p. c2002. 0-765-30598-4. $17.95. SA

In this conclusion to the Emortality series and following Dark Ararat, this futuristic story focuses on two characters who have been cryogenically preserved. One is Adam Zimmerman, a powerful man who set out to defeat death by becoming immortal, and the other is Madoc Tamlin, a criminal awakened before Adam in order to test the awakening procedures. Tamlin finds himself in a world of rival factions, each with their own ideas as to the true nature of emortality, while Adam Zimmerman, the founder of emortality, seems almost a god to these futuristic beings. The story takes second place to philosophy in this thought-provoking novel, which provides many ideas to ponder relating to identity, obsession, and death.

Adam Zimmerman's mortal situation and its change from beginning to end is quite ironic as he examines death from varying perspectives. The book reads...

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