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Since 1976 STA has supplied innovative overlaminates and packaging tapes to enhance and secure products trom manufacturing through shipping and distribution. Today. STA is proud to be US owned and manufacturing in the USA. Products include a broad line of pressure sensitive high performance acrylic carton sealing, industrial and specialty tapes along with a full line of BOPP and PET overlaminates. The adhesives and films used are manufactured under the strictest conditions offering assurance of cleanliness. Our world class network and distribution makes STA a member of the largest manufacturing family of overlaminates in the world.


We manufacture a wide selection of packaging tapes in a variety of colors and materials. STA's water-based acrylic carton sealing tapes are available in a wide assortment of configurations. Our full line also includes hot melt and natural rubber carton-sealing tapes, paper tapes and water activated tapes. STA offers a broad line of products including the new Beastly Bear Tape, designed specifically for quick grab to highly recycled corrugate.


In order to meet today's creative application requirements, STA offers products in many finishes and thicknesses with a variety of film substrates and release coatings. With STA overlaminates, which do not occupy an ink station as with UV varnishes, you can maximize the color printing capability of your press to its full potential. Furthermore, your vivid, colorful prints will be made even more appealing and securely protected. Unlike other laminating technologies, STA overlaminates allow for faster production change over - no lengthy set-up time and messy cleanup are required. We use specially formulated water-based adhesive to ensure the...

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